Tuesday, 8 March 2011


M8 at Cowcaddens
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See the playlist here.

Aside from a short story concerning telling lies and riding trains, this week's show is music only, but I have a few good links to pique your interest in lieu of an interview. Firstly, Here is a tantalising vision of the future, as seen from 1958:
This video is just SO AMAZING.

And here is a great article by Neil Greenberg at Triple Canopy magazine about his project "Fake Omaha", the mapping out of an imaginary town. Greenberg has been drawing imaginary maps his whole life, including their imaginary transport systems and vehicle designs. More pictures here from an article Esopus wrote about him a few years ago.

Seen how the new transport museum's coming along? Go and have a look. It should be open by summer.

Next week we shall be talking about COLOUR.

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