Friday, 26 November 2010

Food And Drink: Part 2

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Where to begin? With so many millions and squillions of songs for this last fortnight's show, and a slightly delayed interview, it seemed only appropriate to spread the weight over two shows. Unfortunately the second part still swung around too quickly for our interview to be completed in time, but I can now say with absolute certainty that we shall have it ready for our next show, and it is going to be BRILLIANT.

Our next show is all about sleep, and will be broadcast on the 12th december. We are currently lining up a lot of sleep related ephemera, so we shall hopefully have an interesting array of sounds and snippets to play, but as ever, we welcome your suggestions.

So,  onto this week's homework:
Firstly, two of the aforementioned popcorn covers.

Herb Alpert

Swedish Chef

And whilst we're watching youtube . . .

For further reading, go and have a look at the architectural beauty of Bompass And Parr's Jellies, drool over parisian baking at David Lebovitz's excellent blog, or visit an old caf for a plate of eggs, bacon, chips and beans and a lovely mug of tea.

I know, I know. With these links we are really spoiling you.

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