Sunday, 17 October 2010

3: Money

This week David and I made the long and perilous journey to Edinburgh to interview TD 'Hiram' Brown, in his coin collecting lair. The closest thing to a description of this experience would be to say it was like visiting a very friendly dragon sleeping on a pile of ancient treasure.

You can listen to the interview below.

Here are some pictures from our visit.

Many thanks to Hiram for his time. If you want to visit the Edinburgh Coin Shop, it's at number 11, West Crosscauseway. (map)

Now for some links.
You can listen to the show HERE and see the playlist HERE.
You can look at pictures of the Sedlec Ossuary HERE whilst you listen to this week's spinechilling Tropic of Clyde installment.

And finally, as we sadly missed the end of the last song, Holger Czukay's 'Oh Lord Give Us More Money' (and as it's one of my favourites), here is a written substitute. The album it's on, Movies, is crying out for a rerelease and I can only hope that the reason it's suddenly become so hard to get hold of is because a record company somewhere out there is doing just that.

Some alchemists in the past had made gold . . . out of stones!
What the devil does that mean?
All secrets, wisdoms, hey come out!
We need you, need you, need you now, where are you?
The yellow fevers's feeling fine, all over
Unsatisfied people . . .
Demanding . . .
Oh Lord . . . give us more money
Oh Lord . . . give us more money
Oh Lord . . . give us more, much more money
You see because we have run out already you see as of this day we have no money at all, so please, if you would have the goodness, I only can tell ya, give us more money
More, more, much more, money
More money

Our next show is all about Cold, and any suggestions would be ridiculously welcome. (Except christmas songs, even though some of them are really quite chilling.)

Edinburgh Coin Shop
Here is Sean, resplendent in green socks and wet-look snot jumper.

Here are Sean and Rosie working extremely hard. David and Themebola just out of sight.