Monday, 1 November 2010


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This week's shivering show was somewhat fittingly broadcast the day the clocks went back. Leaving the studio in the dark, we plunged into the first winter night with the sound of sleigh bells still echoing through our ears, which is, I think, a good start to the cold months ahead of us.

Since Sean was eaten by a polar bear or something he couldn't make it this week. Fortunately we had the hindsight to conduct our interview early enough to work around this disaster, and paid a visit to world renowned artist Thomas Joshua Cooper, who was kind enough to spend a couple of hours with us to talk about his work, and specifically his visits to the North and South Poles. To hear some of the incredible stories behind the adventure it took to create his extraordinary photographs was a real privilege.
I cannot recommend highly enough that you listen to this interview!
Whilst listening, you can see his work on the internet here (from his True exhibition at the Lannan Gallery), here (Rock, Water, Tree exhibition at the Ingleby Gallery) and here (Guardian article). Or you can pay a visit to the Tate or the V&A and see it in the real world.
My, what a lot of links.

Thomas Joshua Cooper, in his studio at the GSA

In other polar news, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society holds a series of illustrated talks at Glasgow University, and this month's is from Rune Gjeldnes, the first man to cross the South Pole alone. It's on Wednesday 17th november, and you can find more information about it here.

Next fortnight's show is all about food and drink, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Just leave them in the comment box. Yum yum yum.

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