Tuesday, 22 February 2011

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At last, the long awaited Tunnocks interview has arrived! David, Sean and I travelled to Uddingston just before Christmas to conduct this interview. Sadly Mr. Tunnock was too busy (apparently fixing a broken machine) so we were sent away with a box of teacakes and told to return in a couple of months. So we dutifully did, and spent a lovely day eating biscuits, listening to old family stories and going for a stroll around the factory. 

Unfortunately Tunnock's do not really run factory tours any more for the public, but you can go to their excellent tea rooms on the main street in Uddingston and enjoy one of their homemade pies, cakes, biscuits, or many other farinaceous excesses. Just take the train from central station. Well worth the pilgrimage.

This is myself, Sean, and Mr. Boyd Tunnock standing in his office.

Caramel Wafers waiting to be chopped and chocolate coated

Caramel Wafers leaving the cooling tunnel to be wrapped. Look how fast the ones in the foreground are going!

Caramel Wafers being Flow Wrapped into packs of four

Does what it says on the tin

Teacake bases heading for the oven. I could loop this video and watch it all day. Those little slivers of biscuit gliding along in perfect formation are so hypnotic.

Teacake quality control. Note the box of reject teacake meringue to the ladies' left. 

Teacakes lining up to be boxed

A teacake robot putting them into boxes. A robot lifts the teacakes off the line in the foreground and onto the line behind that in formation. Then this robot picks them up and puts them into the boxes on the line behind that. Nifty!

Snowballs are piped in little lines . . .

 . . . then this roller removes the peak . . .

 . . . and they then head for a curtain of chocolate . . .

 . . . yum.

The biscuits waiting to leave the factory

A nice cup of tea.

And a biscuit.

Thanks very much to all at the Tunnock's factory.

Next week's show: Transport!

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